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Dimensions is not only about music and locations;
It’s about reaching levels of consciousness that vibrate at a certain rate.
When you realise that other dimensions exist you will never think of life, yourself or the Universe in the same way again.

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The world as we know it has three dimensions of space and one of time.
But there’s the mind-bending possibility that many more dimensions exist out there that can help you experience more freedom, greater power & more opportunities to alter your reality.
This is what The Cube is all about. Reaching maximum levels of pleasure and satisfaction with privacy. No one will ever know you have entered The Cube and no one will ever distract you.
Join The Cube for a memorable spiritual audiovisual experience.
The most famous DJs will play for you throughout the night and we will surprise you with a special guest each time. #join_the_cube 

DEC 2022

Dimensions present our first big International Athens touchdown. Representing our vibe on the 23rd of December.


#Join_the_cube and you will find out the rest. 
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